Aroma Piliou

The Guesthouse

The guest house Pilio Aroma is defined by its wonderful location and the enchanting view. Located between a mountain and the sea, in the beautiful Mouresi village, within 4 acres of fruitful trees such as apple trees, cherry bushes, nut trees, pear trees and colourful flowers and other fruitful  bushes, the amphitheatre guest is built. 7 rooms, 7 scents of Pilio, next to a lovely pond like swimming pool that merges with the horizon, among flower beds and small gardens with edible vegetation products. The stone-built stairs, lead up to the dining hall, which is surrounded by such lovely vegetation that could be easily mistaken for the Garden of Eden. Wind, Sea, the elation of the Roses and the colours of Lotus compose the sensation of enchantment, from early dawn and the singing of birds to dusk and the starlit sky. What is more, all these vary on different days and seasons, resulting in a truly unique experience, any time of the year, which will always be remembered. The guest house has access to both of the main roads of the village and provides private car park.