Aroma Piliou

Cafe – Bar “Aroma”

In complete harmony with the rest of the complex the Café and Bar is also constructed in the traditional rustic way giving a feeling of balance and nature. The Café and Bar is open to all guests and in the mornings a truly special breakfast buffet is available, with attentive service you’ll remember for years, guaranteeing a great start to the day. On winter evenings why not relax by the open log fire with a glass of fine Greek wine in your hand, play a board game, read a book or just sit back listening to some music. In the afternoon we serve coffee, drinks, traditional sweets and cold dishes. The cosy atmosphere makes the Café and Bar the ideal place to sit and recall the events of the day and plan those for the next. In the early evening why not enjoy one of our cocktails or some Greek wine sitting by the pool and absorbing the breathtaking view.